Sims 1 (mod for Makin' Magic)

Version 0.8 - 9/22/04

Have you tried the Sims Makin' Magic and been disappointed with the "Hypnotize" spell? Do you want it to do more than just the hug, kiss, dance, etc stuff? Do you dream of hypnotizing a person in the game and having them stay hypnotized, doing anything you tell them to do? If you said yes to any of those, then you're at the right place :)



Version 0.8 (easy installer for PC only)

Version 0.8 Zip file (for Mac or PC)

Version 0.1

Click here for pictures of the hypnotize spell in action

This Sims mod is an effort to completely enhance and overhaul the hypnotize spell in Makin' Magic, done by Followthewatch55 (and anybody else who wants to contribute).

The majority of this stuff is done with two Sims hacking tools; IFF Pencil 2, and Codex.


-easy installer, makes installation and removal simple
-the old Cast->Hypnotize menu item is disabled
-no need to gather ingredients, charge wand, etc; the user always has the spell
-"hypnotize" menu option hypnotizes the person normally, and pops up the dialog shown below. The person stays hypnotized.
-"snap out" menu option wakes the person up from trance
-"rehypnotize" menu option appears after the person is snapped out, and will instantly hypnotize them without the normal induction
-"Move" menu items: Come Here, Leave, Follow Me, Wander
-"Love" menu items: Flirt Serenade, Hug Romantic, Kiss Passionate, Flirt Sexy Growl, Flirt Check Out, Flying Hug, Kiss Face
-"Compliment" menu items: Worship
-"Plead" menu items: Apologize
-"Dance" menu items: Energetic, Slow Dance
-"Tasks" menu items: Become Maid, Undress, Misc Tricks
-"Attack" menu items: Slap, Shove, Fight, Sissy Fight
-"Other" menu items: Marry Me, Move In, Date Me
-"Brag" menu items: Flex
-"Sleep" menu items: Fall Asleep, Wake Up

Here's pictures of the current state of it. Most of the options work.


First you click on a person, and choose Hypnotize


Then after they're hypnotized, a message pops up:


Version 0.8 options:


Stuff that pops up when you click on "Tasks":



In this string listing, you can see the dialog box text, and also the button text right below it.


Here you can see the menu options in the PersonGlobals file, and also the Check Tree (determines if the option should appear) and the Action Tree (action code)

Interactions in the SocialsMagic file:


The mod's menu interaction trees in the PersonGlobals file (see 2 pictures above for this stuff in action)


The "Snap Out" function viewed by the Codex program. You can see at the top where it determines if the person is sitting or not, and goes to the left option if they're not, and right if they are. Then comes a section that checks if the person is naked, and I'm trying to make it have the person get angry (in the box at the bottom) if they wake up naked ;)


The "Rehypnotize" function - Just like above, checks if the person is sitting. If not, plays the standing sleep animation on the left side, or if so plays the sit sleep animation. At the bottom is mainly what puts the person "under" - the autonomy level is set to 0, so that the person has no automatic free will.