Speech Synthesis

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This section lets you change many aspects of the speech system, and also lets you test it.
To hear how the speech currently sounds, click the Speak text button.


This is a list of the available voices on your computer. Click on one to switch to it.


Voice Settings

If this box is checked, the computer will speak in a monotone voice (all at one pitch). This is for SAPI4 only.

If this box is checked, the computer will speak in a whisper. This is for SAPI4 only.

Voice Pitch, in HZ
This slider changes the pitch of the voice; move the slider to the left for a lower pitch, and right for higher

Voice Speed, in WPM
This slider changes the speed of the voice; move left for a slower voice, and right for a faster voice

Voice Volume
This slider simply changes the volume of the voice. Move left for a softer voice, and right for louder.

Format (SAPI5)
This lists the available voice formats that can be used. This only works with SAPI5.

Audio Output (SAPI5)
This lists the audio devices that can play the synthesized speech. This only works with SAPI5.


Voice Details

This section lists specific information about the selected voice.


Text to Speak

Text box
Type text that you want to hear spoken into this text box.

Speak text
Click this button to have the computer speak the text you typed into the text box to the left

This tells the speech system to stop speaking.