Session Information

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The first 5 fields are saved along with the session file, and will show their saved values when the session is loaded. These fields are all optional.

Session Name
In this field, you can name your current arrangement of settings (session)

In here, you can provide your name or alias

In this box, type any comments about the session.

This will be filled in once the session is saved, and will record the date at which you saved it.

VH File Format
This field shows the version of Virtual Hypnotist that was used to save the session file.


Performance Monitor

Virtual Hypnotist contains a system that measures the performance of the sessions as they are running. This helps prevent the session from freezing by warning the person that the session is running too slow. If the slowness persists, Virtual Hypnotist will end the session. After a session completes, the user can view these fields for information on their session's performance.

Latency Samples
This field shows how many times Virtual Hypnotist checked the session's performance

Average Latency
This field shows the session's average latency (the amount of time that that the session paused due to overbearing videos, etc). The higher the number, the lower the session's performance.

Maximum Latency
This field shows the highest latency pause the session experienced.