Saving Scripts and Subliminals

If you are interested in making your own script and/or subliminal files, and saving them (adding them to the file boxes), then read this section.

Making and Saving Subliminals

In the Subliminals section you read how to edit a saved subliminal file, but how do you make a new one? Here's an easy way.
First go to the Components section of the Session Configuration window, and double-click on the file you see in the Subliminals box. The file is called defaultsub.txt:


Next, the Script Maker will open up with the contents of that file. Simply edit it however you want


Then, click File and then Save Script As:


You'll see the Save Script pop up:


Just type in a new name for your file. I called mine myfile.txt. Then press Save.


You can now exit out of the Script Maker. Your new subliminals file will appear in the Subliminals box:


Making and Saving Scripts

This section is a very simple description on how to quickly make and save a script. For more information, see the Script Maker and Script Guide sections. First, click on the Script Maker button in the main screen:


Then you'll see a blank Script Maker window:


Now, you can write your script; I'm going to write a tiny little script for a demonstration:


Now, click the File menu, and choose with Save Script or Save Script As:


You'll be presented with a save dialog. You'll also notice a bunch of sections such as Inductions, Deepeners, etc. Choose the section you want your script to go in, and double-click it. I'm going to put my script in Suggestions, so I double-clicked that:


After double-clicking Suggestions, the save box now shows the contents of the Suggestions folder:


Where it says File name, I typed in a name for my script, mysuggestions.txt, and clicked Save:


Then, if you go into the Components section of the Session Configuration window, you will notice that the mysuggestions.txt file has been added to the Suggestions list box:



Saving Encrypted Scripts

To save an encrypted script, choose Save Encrypted Script from the File menu:

You can then save the script as you would with regular scripts (see above), except that it's stored in an encrypted form. They will load normally in a session just like any other script, but will not be loadable from the Script Maker.

Note that the encryption method used is a very simple XOR method, and is very insecure. The purpose is for spoiler control for scripts that have suprise elements that the writer doesn't want the subject to view beforehand.