Selecting and Changing Modes


Selecting Modes

When Virtual Hypnotist starts up for the first time, this dialog box will pop up:


You will need to choose one of the modes based on your intended use of the program. Currently these select from two different preset lists: a professional list, and a recreational list.

Synthesized Speech

In this box, you need to choose which speech synthesis system you would like to use, or none if you don't want speech. The recommended option is SAPI4, and SAPI5 is a newer speech system but is not well supported by Virtual Hypnotist yet. To be able to use synthesized speech, you will need to install the installation package for it. Refer to the Installation Tutorial section for information on this.

Background Picture on Main Screen

This option turns on or off the Main Screen's background picture.

Enable Speech Recognition

This enables or disables support for Speech Recognition. Note that Virtual Hypnotist currently supports speech recognition for SAPI4 only, and not SAPI5. You need to have SAPI4 installed to be able to use this function. Refer to the Installation Tutorial section for information on how to install it.

Show Character on main screen

This enables or disables the visible character on the main screen, if SAPI4 is enabled.

System Tray Icon

This box lets you choose the behavior of the system tray icon. If you don't want the icon at all, choose Off. To have the icon show up only when you minimize the main screen, choose Minimize to Tray. To have the icon show up when you minimize and close the main screen, choose Minimize and Close to Tray. Finally, to have the program always show the tray icon, choose Tray Icon Always Visible.


Changing Modes

While Virtual Hypnotist is running, you can return back to this screen at anytime by clicking on the Change Mode/Options button: