Installing Virtual Hypnotist


System Requirements

Pentium-class computer
32mb RAM (for Win95 or 98 and NT4), or 96mb (for Win2000 or XP). Vista is supported.
About 50 mb hard disk space available
Windows 95 or newer
Windows Media Player
Macromedia Flash

Downloading the Software

To download Virtual Hypnotist, go to the website, and click "downloads" on the left. You will notice some download options:

Click the first option if you are installing a new copy of Virtual Hypnotist (if you don't already have an older one installed).
Click the second option if you already have at least version 5.0 installed already, and want to upgrade.

After you click on an option, the downloads will be shown. The first one is required, and the rest are shown to be optional. Choose which features you want.

When you click on one of the links, you will be brought to a page that tells you to "choose a mirror". You will see a list of sites; pick one that is closest to you, and click the corresponding picture on the right side to download (in the fourth column named Download). You can also select a mirror in the "Select Preferred Mirror" section to permanently select it.

The installation process is fairly straightforward. Here's a picture of the installation for the full version download:

The SAPI4 Speech System download is a .zip file, and to install it you need to open it with Winzip and run each of the files inside it. It contains components of the Microsoft SAPI-4 speech system. This picture shows the contents of the Speech System package:


If you download the SAPI5 speech system package, extract the files in it, and run setup.exe.


Once these components are installed, Virtual Hypnotist will work, and can be run by clicking Start, then Programs, and Virtual Hypnotist. Enjoy it :)