Command Line Options


Certain options can be passed to the Virtual Hypnotist program on startup, which will change how it operates. Here's the current list of command line arguments:

automatically loads specified file in sessions directory

/preset=[preset #]
automatically loads specified preset number

automatically starts session

turns off subliminals control panel, which is displayed in subliminal-only mode

exits program when session ends, without returning to main menu

makes sure the tray icon doesn’t appear, if the user has enabled it

disables main popup menu in induction screen


So, to automatically load the Hypnotherapist (#1) preset, have it run automatically,
and exit when finished, you would run the program like this:

vh.exe /preset=1 /go /exit

To load the file "test.hyp" on startup, type this (please note that the file must be in the Sessions directory):

vh.exe /load=test.hyp

Here's a list of what numbers the presets are.
(r) means recreational preset, (p) means professional preset:

1. Hypnotherapist
2. Hypnotherapist 2
3. Swinging Watch
4. Pendant
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Deep Sleep
7. Feature Test
8. Brainwash (r)
9. Reinduction (p)
10. Brainwash II (r)
11. Trigger Induction (p)
12. Obey (r)
13. Hand Drop (p)
14. Cartoonish (r)
15. Number Press (p)
16. Eyes (r)
17. Success Loop (p)