Brainwave Synchronizer

Virtual Hypnotist's Brainwave Synchronizer lets you work with binaural beats to achieve altered states of consciousness more easily. It's button is in the center-right of the main screen.

The default settings are usually good; click the Test button to hear how it sounds.

Frequency 1
This is the frequency played in the right ear, and is usually lower. The difference of Frequency 1 and 2 is the Binaural beat rate.

Frequency 2
This is the frequency played in the left ear, and is usually higher.

This can't currently be set, but shows what type of sound the background noise is.

Tone Volume
This slider controls how loud the frequency tones are

Tone Separation
This slider controls how far apart the tones are in the headphones; if the slider is all the way to the right, the tones are each played in an ear. If the slider is all the way to the left, the tones are both played in the center (both ears).

Mask Volume
This slider sets the volume of the background noise.

Increase freq by
These three buttons let you choose how much the tones should increase or decrease when you change their value.

Flasher Bars
This slider lets you choose how many flashers to use (1 or 2)

This button plays the binaural audio with the current settings.

This button stops the binaural audio

Flasher Visuals
These are samples of the flashers that exist in the induction screen, and the colors can be set using the buttons right below them.

Set Color 1, Set Color 2
These buttons let you choose new colors for the flashers. Click on these buttons to pop up the color selector window, and choose a color:

Alternated Flashing
This determines if each bar should flash once each binaural beat, or if they should both flash in one beat.

Bar Height (percent)
This slider changes the vertical size of the flasher bars for the main induction screen, by the percentage of the screen's height.

Bar Width (percent)
This slider changes the horizontal size of the flasher bars for the main induction screen, by the percentage of the screen's width. By default, they are set at 10% screen size.

Binaural Beat Rate
This shows what the current binaural beat rate is. It gets this value by finding the difference between frequencies 1 and 2.
Underneath it will show what the name of the frequency range is.

Flashers On and Flashers Off
These buttons turn on and off the flashers in this window

Shape Type
This changes the shape of the flashers.

Run Flashers at Different Rate
If this is checked, the flashers can be run at a different frequency than the tones.

Flasher Rate
This is the alternate frequency that the flashers should run on (only works if Run Flashers at Different Rate is checked)

Tone 1 Type and Tone 2 Type
These sections change the wave type of the each tone.

Tone types:

Sine - sin(x)
Square (pos/neg sign of sine wave)- sgn(sin(x))
Triangle - asin(sin(x))
PointedSine - atn(asin(sin(x)))