Virtual Hypnotist Development Information


This page has general information about the development methods and history for Virtual Hypnotist and related projects.

Virtual Hypnotist is currently developed on a private machine and the code is regularly submitted to two CVS (Concurrent Versions System) repositories; one is part of the project page on Sourceforge, and the other is my local server. The difference between the two is the fact that the Sourceforge CVS web frontend updates once a day, while the local one here updates in real time. There are three code modules - "hypnohouse" is for the HypnoHouse project, "vh" is for regular VH development, and "vh-stable" is where stable versions of VH are copied to and updated if needed.


Latest build:

Latest binary build (bleeding-edge vh.exe from code in cvs)

Latest VH changelog in CVS


Beta releases:

Beta releases page


VH Versions:

History chart of VH

Latest VH version list in CVS

All of my software releases on the Sourceforge project page

Picture archive of VH and Hypnotizer 2000 releases


Source code:

Local CVS repository viewer

Local CVS history viewer

Download current source code from local CVS

Sourceforge CVS repository viewer

Information on downloading source code from the Sourceforge CVS repository


Agent Characters:

Microsoft Agent Properties Viewer
displays character parameters, animations, etc.

Character Editor
allows you to edit and create characters

General information on Microsoft Agent

Agent 2.0 documentation